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About Us


The Giving Seed was created on the core principal that “we”, each of us, as members of our community, are responsible for planting “giving seeds” - seeds of hope, seeds of compassion, seeds of transformation for the world.

Traditionally community organizations rely primarily on the generosity of public and private contributions for their funding needs.  In these times as the needs of our community dramatically rise and government and philanthropic spending continues to fall, this model is dangerously inadequate for the world we live in today. 

The Giving Seed significantly expands the funding base of these organizations and thus increases their ability to fund their community based programs and ministries.  “We were determined to create solutions that help non-profits get back to their core business – the business of social impact,” says Monika Majors, Co-founder and Chief Executive Philantrepreneur of The Giving Seed.  By each of us planting precious giving seeds within our daily routine transactions, we increase our local community organizations’ ability to fund essential programs which are essential to sustaining our community as we know it.

These critical programs are literally the difference between life and death.  The existence of these programs rests with us…

All this we can do - All this we must do - All this we will do


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The Giving Seed 
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